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Contact us today for our FREE SOLAR program for homes in New Jersey.  When we talk about a "Free Solar" programs we are referring to a solar lease or Solar PPA.  For $0 we can install a solar PV electric system and you pay a very cheap rate for the electricity produced by the solar system.  The solar lease works like any other lease.  You don't pay anything upfront and you pay a monthly fee with a GUARANTEED amount of electricity produced by the solar.  This solar lease payment comes to a very low rate for the electricity produced by the solar panels.  Get your free solar panels with your free solar system!


If you are interested in purchasing a solar panel system then PowerLutions Solar is your ONLY choice.  We offer the best prices for solar PV systems in New Jersey!  Contact us at 732-987-3939 to discuss your solar panel purchasing options.  Going solar has never been this cheap.


Our Free Solar in New Jersey program is a simple process.  We install an advanced, monitored and fully warrantied solar pv electric system on your house at no cost.  You pay a very cheap rate on the solar electricity produced by the solar system. We are top quality residential solar installers & we offer Free solar in New Jersey!  SImple and Easy!  Free Solar system is like a solar PPA and a solar lease.


Call us about our NJ free solar lease program today, with free solar panels installed, at 888-SUN-4-ENERGY or 732-987-3939 or email us at


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Solar Lease in New Jersey

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