Solar is Booming in New Jersey

Based on information from New Jersey Clean Energy you can get a very good overview of where, and how, solar is situated in New Jersey. The map shows the distribution of solar throughout the state.

Solar in New Jersey by County

The utilization percentage is based upon the percentage, per county, of the amount of solar (by Killowatts, which is how solar is sized) installed in the State. The project amounts list the number of projects.

Some interesting points:

  • Middlesex County has the highest percentage of the total, based on sheer Kilowatts, but is number 3 in amount of projects. This represents the large number of industrial areas in Middlesex, which means a number of large commercial facilities that have solar. This creates a larger size, on average.

  • Ocean County has the largest number of projects but is number 5 in amount of Kilowatts installed. This represents the large number of residential areas, including many senior communities where solar is very popular.

  • The Mid­Northern Counties are smaller so they don’t have the individual space to show the popularity of solar. When combined they properly show the density, and popularity.

  • Certain counties, i.e. Cumberland, show a low number of projects but a decent percentage of the State’s Capacity. This can be indicative of large commercial applications.

  • Hudson County has a very low number of projects but 3.6% of the total which, like Middlesex, represent commercial solar projects.

  • Overall, solar is more popular in the central parts of the State than the North and the South.

From a policy, and business, perspective we can address ways to equally distribute solar throughout the State.

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