Announcing "PowerLutions Solar Get Paid NOW SREC Prepay Program"

Program makes installing solar more affordable.

  • Takes the worry out of SREC price flucuations.

  • ZERO hassle & Get Paid NOW!

PowerLutions Solar is excited to announce the launch of the PowerLutions Solar Get Paid NOW SREC Prepay Program. When a homeowner, or business owner, ​hires PowerLutions Solar to install a solar ​energy ​system on their home, or facility, they will have the option to pre-sell their SRECs to PowerLutions in order to drastically lower the installation cost.

SRECs, or Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, are New Jersey's mechanism to incentivize solar in the State. It can be a very lucrative incentive. Every 1,000 kWh of electricity, that a New Jersey solar system produces, earns one certificate. These certificates can be sold, usually through third party SREC brokers, to energy producers who are required to produce clean energy. They are able to use these SRECs in lieu of producing their own clean energy. Every solar PV system produces 15 years of SRECs.

With the PowerLutions Solar Get Paid NOW SREC Prepay Program we will reduce the cost of

​installing a solar​ energy system by prepaying for the 15 years worth of SRECs. This is an incredible opportunity for the homeowner, or business owner, because it makes purchasing solar much cheaper. In addition, it takes all the guess work out of the SREC market due to price fluctuations.

The amount that PowerLutions Solar will pay for the SRECs is dependent on the anticipated solar production for that system. The more production that is anticipated the higher the amount of the prepay! This revolutionary product is a real game changer in the New Jersey Solar Market.

Contact PowerLutions Solar today, to take advantage of this incredible program, at:

PHONE: 888-SUN-4-ENERGY or 732-987-3939


TEXT/SMS: 609-831-2125


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