Problems with Solar PV Panels

Solar is a great way to save on energy costs without harming the Planet. Sometimes solar can be used in a way that solar owners don't appreciate; a place to live.

Squirrels, and occasionally other critters, look for comfortable places to build a place to live and raise their children. In the process they gnaw at the wires, that are integral to a solar PV system, and ruin the wiring. Once the wires are damaged it can be very expensive to fix.

PowerLutions Solar can put a Solar Guard on your Solar PV System. This is a metal mesh screen along the ENTIRE solar PV system to seal the undersides of the panels against these unwanted tenants. You can protect the solar panels that are protecting your wallet.

It is NOT required but if those little critters decide to build a nice 3 bedroom nest under your panels, you'll appreciate having the Solar Guard even more! :) .

Go solar with PowerLutions Solar and have peace of mind that you're getting the best! Contact us today at 888-SUN-4-ENERGY or 732-987-3939 or email us at

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