There are different solar financing options that PowerLutions Residential Solar can offer.  In conjunction with the available solar incentives and the individual needs of our clients we will present the best options to choose from.  


From a Free Solar Installation to a homeowner who wants to purchase solar for their home we can help you..  Contact us at
888--SUN-4-ENERGY or 732-987-3939 to speak with our account professionals who discusses what’s right for you.


There are different variables when it comes to residential solar incentives.  PowerLutions Solar stays abreast on the latest changes to the programs.  Depending on the State, Municipality, Region, Utility and Section; we put together a custom plan that takes advantage of the uniqueness of the client.


Another factor to consider when putting together a solar incentives package is to review the client situation.  The client’s income tax liability, property tax liability, usage, available space, financial criteria, electricity rate and other factors have an effect on what is available for the solar project.


Here is a brief overview of some of the main solar incentives. Incentives, and incentive details,  change often so contact us at 732-987-3939 to discuss which incentives work best for you


30% Federal Income Tax Credit.  The owner of the solar PV system can take 30% of the system cost as a tax credit against its Federal Income Taxes.


Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) - For every 1,000kWh (1MWh) an electronic certificate is generated. It can then be sold to the entities that, through New Jersey State regulation, benefit by purchasing them.  SREC values can fluctuate.


Rebate - New York State offers solar rebates for all types of solar PV projects; including residential, commercial and non-profits.  The rebate amounts depend on different factors.  PowerLutions Solar customizes the maximum incentives for each individual client.


Property Tax Abatement - In New York City there is a special property tax abatement for homes and facilities that have solar. 20% of the system can be taken off the property taxes. 


New York State Solar Personal Income Tax Credit - for residential solar systems a homeowner can receive a 25% tax credit off of their NYS Incomes Taxes, up to $5,000.


Hi, Powerlutions was great!  I had a few problems specific to my house and they worked through it in a very professional manner.  I’m really happy I used them to do my solar.